Claire Syrett represents Ward 7 on the Eugene City Council.  She is a proven leader and effective advocate for progressive issues. Her fair-minded, fact-based approach to tackling tough issues means she can work effectively with people of diverse opinions to move our city forward in a positive direction. Claire stands strong on her principles and works from her core values of equality, compassion and community in her role representing Ward 7 and the city of Eugene.

Ward 7 in Purple:   (Click on the map to enlarge.)

Claire represents one of the most diverse wards in the city of Eugene. Ranging from downtown to the northern edges of the city boundaries, this ward includes the Trainsong, Whiteaker, River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods; each one having its own unique character and needs.

"Why I am Running for City Council"

I am seeking a second term on the Eugene City Council because I have a number of priorities still left unfinished. I am proud of the significant contributions I have made in my first term representing Ward 7. These include passing a paid sick leave ordinance, launching the successful Rest Stop and Dawn to Dusk programs providing emergency and temporary shelter to the homeless, and adopting Vision Zero to guide our city's transportation efforts with the goal of no fatalities on our streets. I believe these policies and programs will continue to benefit Eugene long into the future.

I am motivated to stay engaged on the city council in order to make sure my work on homelessness and traffic safety continue to make progress. In addition, I am committed to finding a way to ensure that undeveloped parks in Ward 7 getting the funding needed to become fully developed, and increase parks maintenance throughout the city. Traffic safety, the impacts of homelessness and improving our parks are common concerns among my constituents as well as from residents through out the city. I am committed to continuing to work on these issues and make them a priority for my second term.

I will strive to bring the issues of equity and inclusion to the forefront of all of my work on the city council. Transportation access and safety are especially important in neighborhoods with limited options. Parks and open space provide important health and social benefits especially needed in under-served communities. Policies that provide support and relief for those struggling to make ends meet can mean the difference between staying in one's home and being on the street. Equity is a lens through which I will view our city's budget priorities as well. 

I have been inspired over the past three years by the dedication and commitment of my fellow councilors and the many volunteers who serve on city commissions and in other ways. The citizens of Eugene care deeply about their city. It is an honor to serve on this council and represent the residents of Ward 7. I look forward to continuing my service for another four years. I thank you for your support. 

Claire Syrett