Working Families Deserve a Break

Thousands of Eugene residents have signed on to the campaign to pass earned paid sick days in Eugene (visit to add your name to the effort.) A majority of the city council has indicated their support for an ordinance as has Mayor Piercy. Passing an earned paid sick days ordinance will help thousands of Eugene workers by giving them added financial security and the ability to take care of themselves or their family when they get sick.

And yet a majority of the Lane County Board of Commissioners have decided that they hate this idea and are trying kill it with hard-ball politics and hastily crafted over-reaching ordinances. They seem to think that things are just fine for working families in Lane County and even if they aren't, the interest of business trump the needs of low-wage workers.

Certain commissioners are threatening to hold hostage the Farmer's Market land-swap proposal and stall on the state-mandated Envision Eugene process unless the city drops its proposal to improve the lives of working people. I find this outrageous and hope you do too.

In addition a majority of the commission has voted to advance a last minute hastily crafted ordinance that would prevent any city in the county from passing laws related to wage, hours and working conditions in their city. Talk about over-reach! These commissioners know (even bragged) that passing their ordinance will land them in court. I can't think of a more irresponsible action than to deliberately seek a court fight with another jurisdiction. This is a terrible waste of tax-payer dollars spurred on by the Chamber of Commerce and others who oppose Eugene's ordinance but who have been unable to defeat it based on it's merits.

Right now supporters on the council are holding firm in our support for Eugene's earned paid sick days ordinance. Stay tuned as we approach the July 21st public hearings for both the county commissioner's ordinance and the City of Eugene's. Show up and show your support for working families. Now's the time to stand together to let the opposition know that "Working families deserve a break!" and you want the Eugene City Council to give them that break.